We do uptime check on webpages and servers - and inform you about issues through e-mail and text-message.

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Made in Europe

UptimeLab measures the response time of your webpage in real time and will alert you by text and email of any failtures to many users at the same time.


Practice of Simplicity

Our goal with our service check was to make it easy and fast to setup your own port and web-sensors without breaking the bank.


Website Monitor

We look for a certain text on a page on your website and measure the response time.

Service Monitor

Connects to services on the ports you want. Webserver, FTP-ports, Mailserver, RDP/SSH.

Blacklist Check

Checking over 100 sources to see if your e-mail address is put on a blacklist due to spam.

Avoiding false alerts

We double check from two different locations before alerting you about downtime.

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